The Management Unit within the framework of its responsibilities, based on Law 4519/2018, implements a number of actions in order to monitor, record and strengthen the state of conservation of the Protected Area. In particular, it implements actions:

1. Scientific Monitoring:

Monitoring program of mixed heron, egret (Egretta garzetta) and gray heron (Ardeacinerea) colonies in the two heron colonies in Porto Lagos and Keramoti, which has been implemented since 2012 and includes the recording of nesting trees, number of nests per tree and species in each nest, with the number of chicks per year.

Monitoring Program of the white stork (Ciconia ciconia) in the wider area of ​​EPAMATH, which has been implemented since 2012 and concerns the recording and control of nesting sites, the counting of the breeding population, the ringing of stork chicks and the cooperation with the DEDDIE of area.

Monitoring of falcon colonies (Falcon aumanni) in the settlements of Kalamokastro, Mikro and Megalo Dukato and Agios Theodoros Rodopis, which has been implemented since 2016 and includes the counting of the breeding population and the control of artificial nests.

Participation in the censuses a) of pelicans, (silver pelican and rose pelican) within the framework of the Cooperation Agreement with the Prespa Protection Society, b) of vultures in the area of ​​the A.M.Th National Park. which took place for the first time in 2020, with the cooperation of the Hellenic Ornithological Society and the Forestry of Stavroupoli, c) in the annual Mid-Winter Waterfowl Counts, a waterfowl counting program carried out in the most important wetlands of Greece (since 1968) by the Hellenic Ornithological Company

Monitoring of abiotic parameters by placing Telemetry Stations.

Management Unit has installed and manages a network of telemetry stations in order to monitor abiotic parameters of the waters of EPAMATH’s rivers, lakes and lagoons. The existing network consists of 8 telemetry stations: three of them are installed in the Nestos River, two in the Vistonida Lake, one in the Ismarida Lake, one in the Vassova Lagoon (Kavala Regional Unit) and one in the Elos Lagoon (Rodopi Regional Unit). Most of the telemetry stations were installed and operational since 2013.

4. Volunteering.

One of the objectives of the Management Unit is the creation of a network of volunteers-friends of the National Park and the promotion of voluntary action among children and adults, both locally and at a wider level. Through this network of volunteers, which is maintained by MU, those interested can contribute according to their capabilities, time and knowledge in actions implemented in the protected area.

5. The EPAMATH Quality and Cooperation Label

is a trademark that acts as a symbol for the products and services produced/provided in the Protected Area of ​​the National Park of Eastern Macedonia – Thrace (EPAMATH) and has been operating since 2016. It is aimed at products and services in the sectors of: Agricultural production and packaging agricultural products, Livestock Tourism (catering, hospitality, outdoor activities). It is a dynamic brand that evolves according to the demands of the local and international market. The Marking is designed to meet the needs of both the market and the consumer for quality products and services with respect to the principles and values ​​of environmental protection.

  1. Monitoring – Protection

The Management Unit of Nestos – Vistonida and Rodopi National Parks continues the implementation of the Monitoring – Protection Program according to the corresponding Plan adopted with the no. 1/27-06-2012 decision of the Board of Directors and includes detailed information on its implementation. Within the framework of the specific program, the cooperation of the Delta Nestos-Vistonidas-Ismaridas & Thassos FD with the care association “Action for Wildlife” continues for the reception of injured species in the protected area.

  1. Informative – Awareness

An important tool in the effort of M.D. to highlight the protected area and raise public awareness of the need to protect wetlands is the information, information and awareness of visitors, residents and users of the area and the competent services. The Vistonida-Ismarida Delta Nesto Management Agency has two Information Centers under its jurisdiction, the Nestos Delta Center in Keramoti (Kavalas) and the Vistonida-Ismarida Lakes Center in Porto Lagos (Xanthi). which are open to visitors and accept individual visitors, groups of visitors and schools.

During each year it also holds various anniversary events: “World Wetlands Day”, “World Forestry Day”, “Chirpings of swallows”, participation in the environmental campaign “Let’s do it Greece”, “World Fish Migration Day”, “Cleanup Mediterranean” , “World Biodiversity Day”, “World Environment Day”, “Pan-European Bird Festival”, “Voluntary Coastal Cleanup”, Cosmopolis International Festival”.

An annual Activity Report is published and a quarterly Periodical edition with the news and actions of the M.U. is sent to approximately 200 recipients.

Sending Press Releases and Interviews to printed and electronic media for the promotion of the protected area and the actions of the M.U.


6. Provides opinion on projects and actions that will be located within his area of ​​responsibility.

M.U. gives opinions during the environmental licensing process and the approval of environmental conditions of projects and activities within its area of ​​responsibility. During opinion required a good knowledge of both the protected object and the existing activities in the area of ​​the project under approval (eg, boreholes, irrigation networks, agricultural holdings and crops, craft and industrial units, settlement boundaries).

Issues or gives opinions on research permits of scientific bodies or other activities (e.g. filming) within his area of ​​responsibility. In addition, it provides data from the telemetry stations, data from the habitat types and species monitoring programs it implements as well as data it collects from the monitoring/guarding program to interested parties upon their request.

7. Participates in committee-meetings with the aim of recording and solving issues related to the proper management of the protected area.

In 2020, the Management Body made a decision to include in the NSRF two proposals with a total budget of approximately two million euros and an implementation time of 31.12.2023.

“Funding of the Management Body Nestos Delta – Vistonida – Ismarida & Thassos for management actions of protected areas, species and habitats” with funding from the Operational Program “Transport Infrastructures, Environment and Sustainable Development”
“Protection and promotion of the biodiversity of the protected areas under the responsibility of the Nestos Delta – Vistonida – Ismarida and Thassos Management Body”, with funding from the PEP AMTH.

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