Institutional framework

Protection zones

According to KYA 44549/17.10.2008, 4 protection zones (A, B, C, D) are foreseen which include 67 sub-zones, where their boundary line follows natural features or artificial elements of the terrain, and their polygonal lines are described with coordinates in EGSA ’87 system (Greek Geodetic Reference System 87). Also, outside the area of the National Park, a Regional Zone-Zone D1 (terrestrial area) is defined. The zones in detail:

Zone A Nature protection areas.

◊ Zone A1 (Nestos River – riverside formations, Vistonida Lake, lakeside zone, Ismarida Lake – lakeside zone).

◊ Zone A2 (Area of lagoons, permanent or seasonal marshlands).

◊ Zone A3 (Sections and estuaries of other rivers and tributaries).

◊ Zone A4 (Poultry nesting grove of Porto Lagos area).

◊ Zone A5 (Sea zone).

Zone B Areas of protected natural formations protected landscapes and elements.

◊ Zone B1 (The area surrounding the Nestos riverbed – Zone A1 – area).

◊ Zone B2 (Sections of rivers and riparian structures).

◊ Zone B3 (Remaining land area)

◊ Zone B4 (Sea area)

◊ Zone B5 (former “Voice of America” territory area)

Zone C Eco-development areas.

◊ Zone C1 (Terrestrial and Sea area)

◊ Zone C2 (Terrestrial area)

Regional Zone D.


International conventions and EU Directives

The area is governed by the protection status of the following international conventions and directives of the European Union and their provisions:

  • Ramsar Convention (1971) as ratified with the N.D. 191/1974 “On the ratification of the International Agreement signed in Ramsar, Iran on February 2, 1971 for the protection of wetlands of international interest, as wetlands” (Government Gazette 350A/1974) and the subsequent amendments ratified by Law 1751/1988 ” Ratification of the Protocol amending the Ramsar Convention 1971 for the protection of wetlands of international interest as wetlands” (Government Gazette 26/A/1988) and with Law 1950/1991 “Ratification of the amendments to the Ramsar Convention (1971) for the protection of wetlands of international interest of wetlands as wetlands” (Government Gazette 84/A/1991).

  • Berne International Convention as ratified by Law 1335/1983: “Ratification of the International Convention for the Conservation of Wildlife and the Natural Environment of Europe” (Government Gazette 32/A/1983).

  • Protocol of the Barcelona International Convention “On Specially Protected Areas of the Mediterranean” as ratified by Law 1634/86 (Government Gazette 104/A/86).

  • Bonn Convention for the Protection of Migratory Species of Wild Fauna.

  • Florence Convention for the Protection of the Landscape.

  • Directive 79/409/EEC which specifically concerns the protection and conservation of domestic birds of the European Union. According to article 4 of this Directive, the member states are obliged to immediately protect the habitats of birds and in particular those included in the Annex “Annex C” of the Directive. Obviously, the Special Protection Zones (SPA) mentioned above are directly related to this. This Directive was updated with the 2009/147/EU Directive.

  • Council Decision 82/461/EEC of 24/6/82 on the conclusion of a convention on the conservation of migratory species of wild fauna (OJ No. L210 of 19.7.82, p. 10).

  • Directive 92/43/EEC “on the conservation of natural habitats, as well as wild fauna and flora” (EC. no. L-206 of 22.7.92). According to this directive, special zones have been demarcated in the study area that are included in the well-known European Network of Protected Areas NATURA 2000.

  • Directive 2000/60/EC “establishing a framework for Community action in the field of water policy”.

     NATURA 2000 Areas

    The Special Protection Zones for birds (ZEP-SPA), as well as the Sites of Community Importance (SCI), which are included in the European Ecological Network under the name Natura 2000, are nominally the following:

    A) SCI: “Nestos Delta and Keramoti Lagoons – Wider Area and Coastal Zone” with code GR11500010, “Lakes and Lagoons of Thrace – Wider Area and Coastal Zone” with code GR 1130009, “Kompsatos River – Nea Koiti” with code GR 1130007 , “Filiouris River” with code GR 1130006.

    B) SPA: “Vistonida Lakes, Ismarida-Lagoons Porto Lagos, Aliki, Ptelea, Xirolimni, Karatza” with code GR 1130010 and “Nestos Delta and Lagoons Keramotis and Thassopoula Island” with code GR 1150001.

    All the previous zones are included within the boundaries of the EP.AMATH (boundaries of the relevant KYA) and approach the boundaries of zones A and B described in said KYA.

    The new NATURA 2000 areas that were included (based on Law 4519/2018) in the area of responsibility of the F.D.

    C) SPA: “Nestos Straits” with code GR1120004, Thassos (Ypsario Bay and coastal zone) and islets of Koinira, Xironisi with code GR1150012, Kompsato Valley with code GR1130012.

    D) SCI: “Esthetic Forest of Nestos” with code GR1120005, Sea area of Kavala – Thassos with code GR1150014, Potamia Bay – Ak. Pyrgos to N. Gramvoussa with code GR1150008, Kolpos Palaio – Ormos Eleftheron with code GR1150009, Perihora Limena Thassos with code GR1150013.

    Provisions of National Legislation

    The protective provisions for the protected area are as follows:

    • KYA 44549/2008. “Characterization of the wetlands Delta Nestos, Lake Vistonida with lagoonal and lake features, Lake Ismarida and their wider area as a National Park with a Regional Zone”.
    • Law 1650/86 “On the Protection of the Environment” and in particular the provisions of par. 6 of no. 21, as applicable.
    • The provisions of articles 15, 16 and 17 of Law 2742/1999 “Spatial planning and sustainable development and other provisions” (A’ 207), as supplemented by article 13 of Law 3044/2002 (A’ 197).
    • The provisions of article 11 of Law 1739/1987 “Management of water resources and other provisions” (Official Gazette 201/A/1987), Law 3199/2003 (Official Gazette 280/A/09-12-2003) “Protection and water management – Harmonization with Directive 2000/60/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of October 23, 2000”, as well as PD 51/2007 (Government Gazette 54/A/08-03-2007), as well as KYA 43504 /2005 (Government Gazette 1784/B/20-12-2005).
    • The provisions of Law 998/79 “On the Protection of forests and forest areas in general in the Country” (Government Gazette 298.A/29.12.79), as well as the provisions of Law 86/69 “On the Forestry Code” (Government Gazette 7A/18.1.1969), as amended by Law 996/71, Law 177/75, Law 998/79 etc.
    • The provisions of Joint Ministerial Decision No. 414985/1985 “Measures for the management of wild birds” (Government Gazette 757/B/1985).
    • The provisions of the P.D. 67/1981 “On the Protection of Native Flora and Fauna and the Determination of the Procedure for Coordination and Control of Research on Them” (Government Gazette 23A/A81) and as amended in GOVERNMENT 43/A/81.
    • The provisions of Law 2971/2001 (Official Gazette 285/A/19.12.2001).
    • No. U.P. 8353/276/Ε103 KYA: Amendment and completion of no. 37338/ 1807/2010 joint ministerial decision “Determining measures and procedures for the conservation of wild poultry and their habitats, in compliance with Directive 79/409/EEC….” (Β΄ 1495), in compliance with the provisions of the first paragraph of paragraph 1 of article 4 of Directive 79/409/EEC “On the conservation of wild birds” of the European Council of April 2, 1979, as codified by directive 2009/ 147/EC.
    • Law 3937/2011 “Conservation of biodiversity and other provisions”.
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